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goat love

January 9, 2011

on christmas eve, my mother got a call from a neighbor asking if she could look after their goats and chickens for a few days. which meant that our family holiday was unexpectedly graced with the presence of some truly lovely animals.

our first visit on christmas afternoon was quite wet. when we arrived to put the animals to bed just before 5pm, the chickens were already roosting and the three goats stood patiently together under their shelter, out of the rain. as the dark descended, they quietly nuzzled our hands, and happily devoured the apple cores and carrot ends we brought. then we closed up the gate and walked home in the rain.

the next morning the sun was out, and we walked back down the road to let everyone out and do the milking. little fawn is the only goat currently being milked, so she is let out of the pen before anyone else. it took all three of us to get everything together for the milking — grain to keep the goat happy, hand sanitizer and wipes, bucket for the milk — plus close the gate before anyone else gets out, lock fawn’s head into the milking stand, and then, of course, getting the milk out. which took longer than we expected! it was my first time milking a goat all the way through, and i’m proud to say it worked out pretty well. i squirted myself with milk a couple of times, and also got fawn’s foot wet. (she was not amused.) but most of it ended up in the bucket, about 6 cups in all.

after we finished milking, we let the other two goats and chickens come outside. they were all quite friendly and excited to see us. the goats were definitely more interested in affection than food, and kept leaning up against us in what felt like a warm goat hug. we eventually tore ourselves away from the love-fest, took the milk home and made fresh ricotta which we ate immediately. it was heavenly delicious.

i already knew i wanted to have goats at my future farm. now i can’t wait.

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  1. January 9, 2011 11:30 pm

    we run a monthly animal photo contest @ the winner gets $50 donated
    to the animal charity of their choice. we’ve never had a goat
    submission before, and we’d love to have yours! i think they’d be
    really strong contestants:) if you can, we’d love to have you mail
    a shot to thanks!!


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