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sunset at the albany bulb, sunrise on the american river

February 6, 2011

i have been blessed by some beautiful urban nature lately. on thursday, i was driving home to berkeley after visiting two farms in sonoma county, and the sun set behind me as i crossed the bay. as i approached the mass of berkeley rush hour traffic, i looked to my right and saw the most lovely colors over the albany bulb. a quick detour later i was out of the car and on the beach, drinking in orange, pink, turquoise and purple set against eucalyptus silhouettes, the golden gate bridge, the marin headlands and san francisco.

i had not been to the bulb since i spent every weekend there for months creating and performing the tempest with weplayers in the spring of 2006. i stood where we played the opening shipwreck scene and watched the brilliance of the sky grow deeper and dance on the purple waves of the bay.

on friday i came to fair oaks, a suburb of sacramento, to paticipate in the north american biodynamic apprenticeship program’s farmer mentor conference at the rudolf steiner college. i woke early enough saturday morning to explore the surroundings, and jogged on meandering trails through the neighboring park, past wild turkeys grazing on ball fields and front lawns. i couldn’t hear or see the river, but just when i was about to turn around not to miss breakfast, there it was. big, serene, beautiful.

friday night at the opening of the conference, we talked about the importance of reverence. as a farmer, and as a human. i feel so thankful for the beauty that surrounds me, and the sense of awe and tranquility it can bring at the most unexpected moments.


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