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back in action

April 30, 2011

cold framefollowing its unfortunate collapse, we made a few retrofits to our cold frame about a week ago, and it’s holding up fine so far. we decreased the length, and used the pvc pipe hoops that we removed as horizontal reinforcements, one on top and one on each side, about 4 feet off the ground. we bolted all the pieces together and then added duct tape to keep the bolt ends from puncturing the plastic. we also doubled up on the sandbags to keep the wind from catching under the ends.

now, rather than taking the plastic all the way off every day and replacing it every night, we’ve secured it with clips to the two side pipes and the end walls, and just roll up both sides of the plastic to ventilate. the rolled-up plastic is held up by ropes that stretch across the top of the structure and loop around the side pipes. my knots are improving daily.

the cold frame is full of plants again, and we even got some more vegetables in the ground last week — beet and spinach transplants, plus pea and arugula seeds. yesterday was another sunny day, so with a few more like that, the soil should dry out enough to get back on track with our planting plan.

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