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first harvest

June 14, 2011

our first csa offering of the year (delivered last thursday and friday) was a whole lot of green stuff: grass-green arugula, green and lavender asparagus, blue-green broccoli, ruffly green lettuce, yellow-flowered mustard greens, green and white pac choi, dark green yukina savoy and some pink rhubarb for a tart twist! it’s wonderful to finally start eating from the farm.

we’ve already started on this week’s csa harvest (hakurei turnips yesterday), along with lots of weeding, mowing, staking tomatoes, tilling the beds we’ve harvested and filling them with new transplants, and sowing seeds for our fall crops. there’s enough to do to work round the clock, but luckily we still have 8 hours of darkness to sleep in.

in the fields, the plants are taking advantage of all this daylight and warmth by growing noticeably every day. cauliflower and broccoli are heading up, the kale has created a solid canopy over its bed, peas are knee-high and full of flowers, there are lots of green strawberries (and even a few red ones), and the summer squash and peppers are starting to flower — along with many of the green crops we don’t want to flower, like lettuce, pac choi and chinese cabbage! luckily we have several successions of most things, so we’re leaving the bolted ones for the bees and moving on to younger plants for harvest.

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