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do you like local salad?

July 26, 2011

if so, you should know about the proposed national leafy greens marketing agreement. despite the fact that comprehensive national food safety legislation was already passed last year, the USDA along with powerful industrial agriculture companies are pushing this new set of rules, supposedly to protect consumers from contaminated lettuce, spinach and cabbage. instead of addressing the underlying causes of food contamination (such as the consolidation of food processing and prevalence of animal confinement operations), the agreement focuses on sterilizing farms and wiping out biodiversity. the rules also require practices that will place an undue burden on small, local and organic farms, perhaps making it impossible for these growers to comply at all.

that’s not surprising given that the agreement was designed by the industrial agriculture companies who want to keep doing business as usual.  please tell the USDA that these rules are deeply flawed, and ask secretary vilsak to stop letting industry write the rules at food democracy now.

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