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my morning commute

December 18, 2013

on the best winter days, i really have a lovely commute from home to office. snow boots snug, i walk one block south, uphill, to the entrance to reservoir park, which at its top offers a panoramic view of downtown and the lake.

reservoir park

i follow the trail (hidden on this mid-december day by a foot of snow) that skirts around the park’s peak, sunshine streaming between the pine trees and glistening on the snow.

then i carefully cross north avenue and walk past 50+ dormant community garden boxes and a quant bavarian bathroom hut, up and down another hill where collected drifts reach to the faux fir trim on my boots.

as the steep slope heads down toward the river, i follow switchbacks right, left and right again, and then reach the holton street marsupial bridge. when i bike or drive to work, i’m on the top level, but as a pedestrian i get to traverse this lovely wooden (albeit icy) level below.

marsupial bridge

from the center of the bridge, i can see up and down the milwaukee river. upstream blue skies, condos and smokestacks;


downstream a wooded bank, the lakefront brewery, my office building and the high rises downtown.


after crossing the bridge, it’s a quick jaunt down water street to my former tannery office building, where all day i can glance out the window and the river continues to soothe me. i’m looking forward to the days getting long enough that i can walk home in the light too.

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