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“Here for the Biodynamics”: Spring Dandelion and Preparation Day at Zinniker Farm

May 22, 2013

i’ve spent the past two saturdays outside in wisconsin, first picking dandelions and digging up biodynamic preparations, then learning all about farm-scale hot fermentation biodynamic composting. i shared my photos from the first event on the biodynamics blog today.

Biodynamics Blog

As spring warms the soil and the grass gets greener, the golden splashes that appear across pastures and lawns tell us it’s time to begin the yearly cycle of making the biodynamic preparations. Each spring at the Zinniker Farm, the oldest biodynamic farm in the United States, community members come together to pick dandelions, dig up the biodynamic preparations that were buried in the fall, and share a meal. The event is also a field day for the Upper Midwest CRAFT, and every year more young and beginning farmers join in the activities.

This year, the scheduled date of May 11 was just about right — the dandelions had just begun to bloom. For the biodynamic dandelion preparation, the ideal stage of development for the flowers is the “button” or “bulls-eye” stage, where the flower has opened, but some of the petals (which, botanically speaking, are actually florets

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